Online: Harmonising our Environment with Feng Shui & Sache


This week we explore the ancient art forms of Feng Shui and Sache also known as geomancy as a way to cure, to enhance and to harmonize the external energies focusing on gathering the favorable conditions from one side and from the other vanishing the unfavorable ones. We will illuminate how the geomancy is like a medicine of the human … Read More

Prayer Flags Raised at Land of Shambhala

TanyaLatest News

We have had a magnificent long weekend of volunteer activities at the Land of Shambhala accomplishing many tasks that coincided with Saka Dawa. We completed the prayer flag raising at the top of the hill whilst listening to prayers from Zhamtang for the local deities and dharma protectors. Beside the entrance driveway, we raised 16 vertical prayer flag poles in … Read More

Sponsor Kalachakra New Year and Land of Shambhala Ritual Activities from May 7-10th

SydneyLatest News

Traditionally, people sponsor prayer rituals with aspirations for generating merit, clearing obstacles, a happier life, prosperity, better rebirth for their loved ones, long life, peace, and enlightenment for all beings. We are offering the opportunity to our community near and far to create a karmic connection with these auspicious events in celebration of Kalachakra New Year (Nagpa Dawa) and the Land … Read More