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You can support the activities of the Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute in a variety of ways. Any meritorious gesture of generosity creates a karmic link between yourself and the virtuous activities.
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Land of Shambhala Consecration Kalachakra New Year and Land of Shambhala Consecration Traditionally, people sponsor prayer rituals with aspirations for generating merit, clearing obstacles, a happier life, prosperity, better rebirth for their loved ones, long life, peace, and enlightenment for all beings. We are offering the opportunity to our community near and far to create a karmic connection with these auspicious events in celebration of Kalachakra New Year (Nagpa Dawa) and the Land of Shambhala Consecration. Merit during this time is multiplied 100,000 times. Sponsors' names will be read with the dedications. Sponsor the ritual activities, the treasure vase, land Consecration, the Nagpa Dawa Kalachakra New Year Tsok Puja and the prayer flags. We have the aspiration to line the entrance of the land with 50 verticle prayer flags as well as mark the mountain.
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