Generosity as a Practice

many ways to offer support

community garden

Our temple garden has been lovingly planted, landscape and maintained by volunteers.  Our garden is your garden. We welcome everyone to help maintain a beautiful temple environment as an offering to all the Buddhas. Gardening is beneficial for grounding, relaxing the mind and releasing stress. We have working bees and are grateful to the volunteers who help year round. 

VIrtuous Projects

Our community has taken on a large project to build a farm full of healing medicinal herbs and a retreat center in Thornton, Victoria. A good way to get to know more people is to volunteer, whether it's building a fence, painting walls or landscaping, there is plenty to do. You can share a skill and acquire new ones.  

Supportive environment

Community is an important part of our spiritual practice. It's what helps us stick to the process of transformation. Working to create new habits through meditation and Buddhist practice are much easier in a supportive environment of friends all moving in the same direction. We practicing loving kindness and gratitude for each other. 

community gatherings 

Come for the classes , stay for the community. There is more to Buddhism them study and practice. Throughout the year we host a variety of community gatherings such as our monthly Kalachackra feast offering to movie nights and volunteer days so that we can get to know each other better. 

Contribute Your skills, time and love

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