One of the best ways to learn how to practice in your life is to offer your skills or time. You can volunteer by offering your service to benefit all sentient beings. This helps you develop skillful means to see that any activity can be a Dharma offering when done with the right intention. When we work on projects together with loving kindness and gratitude for each other we are able to do things so much bigger than our own ability.
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Money is not holy or un holy, just neutral. How people use it or what the purpose makes money holy or un holy or very bad. It depends on the purpose; not the money itself.   When you have money, you need to develop the discriminating wisdom of how to use it wisely. When you make an offering to Dharma activities your Merit and the Merit of those you make offerings to increases for the benefit of all beings.
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Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute is a tax-exempt organization in Australia. We are a completely volunteer run organization.  Each year, donations support our vital work to bring awareness and of Kalachakra, the Bodhisattva Sciences and the Rimé philosophy to the world. There are a number of ways for individuals to support Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute and its mission.

Your generosity will help us to maintain our volunteers, our temple, develop educational programs, and build the Land of Shambhala retreat center.  Generosity is the foundation of the Bodhisattva path.  When you give to Rime Institute you help give the gift of Dharma the one true medicine for the suffering of sentient beings. May the merits from your act of generosity become the cause for the golden age of peace and harmony to arise.

The foundation of the Buddhist path is generosity. It is the basis upon which we remove our attachment and focus on the needs of others. For this reason, we have developed a generosity-based model in which we offer the opportunity to give back and attend events at an affordable cost. However, for us to be able to make the Dharma accessible in this way, we need the financial support to sponsor these offerings. In this way we create a chain of giving in which each act of generosity gives rise to new opportunities and new ways of supporting each other as we work towards manifesting a Golden Age of peace and harmony. we remove our attachment and focus on the needs of others.

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Generosity means fertile. You are fertile land, or you are barren land; which do you prefer?

Khentrul Rinpoche


More Ways to Give


The Tibetan Rime Buddhist Institute has many auspicious projects that we do to benefit all sentient beings. They can range from commissioning sacred objects and statues for the grounds, to supporting Khentrul Rinpoche, to planning pilgrimage tours and developing curriculum. All of our teachers and workers are unpaid volunteers.  By donating to our Annual Fund you help support our growth and ability to be of benefit.


Offering is a practice that externalises our appreciation and gratitude for the immeasurable merit of seeing, and listening to the Dharma. Accumulate Merit by by offering to sponsor flowers for the Kalachakra statue, Tsok offerings, prayer flag s or by offering dana (Skt: generosity) to our volunteer teachers for sharing the precious teachings of the Buddha. 


While you can’t take any of your stuff with you, you can reap the benefits of the virtue and merit as good Karma in future lives by making offerings to the Dharma.   The time of death is uncertain and the conditions are beyond your comprehension. So it’s good to plan ahead. Help support Khentrul Rinpoche’s vision for the Tibetan Rimé Buddhist Institute by passing on your legacy.  Whether you want to make a general offering or pledge your estate to a particular part of Rinpoche’s vision,  we will support you through this process. Give the gift that keeps on giving for the benefit of all sentient beings.


The Rimé Institute purchased 40 acres of land in order to build a spiritual paradise for all types of people to experience the life changing qualities of the Kalachakra path. 

Dzokden Shambhala will give sentient beings an opportunity to find harmony with our external environment, internal and enlightened reality. This is a space for people to authentically connect and be present in the world while living with greater vitality, love and purpose.  The center will offer a holistic program of Kalachakra medicine, yoga, philosophy, astrology and science. 


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