Online: Love, Sex, Relationships and the Vajrayana Path


Zoom and Facebook Live. Translations to be determinedBy request of many different students, Rinpoche will kindly lead a discussion and debate around the Love, Sex and Relationships. This is an area of much confusion among both practitioners and potential practitioners. Rinpoche is very kind to answer questions for us so that people can learn to work with all aspects of … Read More

In-Person & Online: Sang Offering Puja with Khentrul Rinpoche


All our welcome there is no need to RSVP. You can come in-person or come online. We will be celebrating the completion of Rinpoche’s new smoke offering burner. We will make offerings to all the Local Deities and spirits to purify Karma and create conditions for the Golden Age to Flourish. Sang is a cleansing and purifying practice that clears … Read More

Online: Chöd, Prajnaparamita and the Other-Emptiness w/ Khentrul Rinpoche


One of the precious aspects of the Jonang lineage is the consistency in the view throughout the Sutra and Tantra teachings. Rinpoche will give a very special empowerment the following weekend on Chod, Opening the Door to the Sky Empowerment from Jetsun Taranatha. In preparation he will give a bit of insight into the practice based in Sutra and how … Read More

Online & In Person: Machig Labdrön Opening the Gate to the Sky Chöd Empowerment Retreat – Khentrul Rinpoche

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If would like to register for the International online event in other langauges, please sign up on so we can best track your enrolment. About the Practice of Chod Chod is a powerful practice of accepting willingly what is undesirable, cutting through our concepts, reducing our self-cherishing nature leading us closer to our own true nature. The main obstacle … Read More