Raise Your Lungta


Offer a Prayer Flag

At the Rime Institue, we can raise flags for you or your loved ones; living or dead. In Tibetan Buddhism the act of raising flags is directly connected to your, Lungta, your life force energy and vitality. When you are having bad luck or fallen on difficult times, facing challenges with health, one cause may be that your lungta is low. Each flags you raise touches the elements such as the wind and water. The wind blows the mantras to animals insects, sentient beings, and unseen beings, helping to purify their negative karma. Raising flags and dedicating them to benefit all sentient beings is incredibly powerful way to make merit. In Tibet, families offer a lot of flags when a loved one passes away, to help generate merit for their future rebirth. Every year we write names and offer prayer flags that have been donated during the month of Saka Dawa specifically to multiply the merit for those who have sponsored them. We can also offer your flags when you make your offering if you prefer that for immediate remedy.