Oct 31 2020


10:00 am – 3:30 pm


Tibetan Buddhist Rime Institute


Land of Shambhala
837 Taggerty-Thornton Road, Thornton, Victoria

Due to the current COVID restrictions in place for Victoria, we have postponed our upcoming volunteer day until further notice.

We will let everyone know when we are ready to recommence as we have more details.

Proposed next volunteer day activities:

Come and volunteer at our new retreat centre property – Land of Shambhala. We really need a few extra pairs of helping hands.

We will be taking down fencing, building a hoop house and so much more.

We invite volunteers to the Land of Shambhala to assist in the next phase of the of the project which will be our major tree planting phase.

We have 600 native seedlings to plant and protect in the spring season. This event is suitable for children.

Things to Know:
Follow your GPS. The road is not well marked. There is a sign that says 837.

For those allergic to dogs, there are two friendly dogs on the property that will mostly play with each other or swim in mud.

We have a port-o-potty but not fancy bathrooms.
There is a small work shed where we can all enjoy lunch together. It is an outdoor volunteer activity.

Suggested Items to Bring:
– Dress in layers – It’s can get cold however warmer in the afternoon
– Sunscreen, hat
– Galoshes or shoes that are appropriate for gardening
– Garden gloves