Jul 15 2021


1:30 pm – 3:00 pm


Rimé Institute
1584 Burwood Highway, Belgrave, Victoria 3160

After much anticipation, Khentrul Rinpoche and members of the Sangha will consecrate the Unified Sangha Stupa in Belgrave, Victoria. We have invited members of all traditions of Buddhism to take part as the Stupa represents the unification of the Universal Sangha that is needed to manifest the 2nd Golden Age of Peace and Harmony in our world. All are welcome to attend the event rain or shine in the 21 Taras Garden of Abundance at the Tibetan Rime Buddhist Institute.

1:30 PM Tea and Refreshments served to the Venerable Sangha
2:00 PM Consecration Prayers

Creating Unity and Harmony for the Golden Age of Dharma
This stupa strengthens our bonds, enabling us to establish the Golden Age of Dharma ‘Dzokden’ for the benefit of all beings.The significance of this stupa dates back to the time of the Buddha. The Buddha created 8 types of Stupa that represented different aspects of his life and death. This was constructed by the local inhabitants of the kingdom of Magadha to increase the unity and harmony within the realm.The sangha unifying stupa is characterised by its four octagonal steps with equal sides representing the four immeasurable, the steps are 8 sided, totalling 32 in number. There is a Bhumpa and base representing the Buddha’s body and the thirteen layers at the top of the stupa are the 13 Dharma wheels representing the top half of the Buddha’s body.

Benefits of Being Interconnected with the Stupa
A Stupa represents all aspects of the Dharma; it is the Dharmakaya, the perfect mind of all fully enlightened beings. Circumambulating stupas, or prostrating and making offering becomes Dharma. And Dharma is the ultimate the cause of happiness.

Purifying Without Hardship
Physical representations of the Buddha, like the stupa, are said to cause liberation on seeing and benefit beings immensely. The wind blowing over a stupa, the rainwater touching a stupa, the earth around a Stupa are blessed. Therefore going around or seeing or touching or prostrating or offering in front of a Stupa purifies negative karma in a very effective kind. All these actions to purify our mind are easy to take.Creating Conditions for Enlightenment.
Actions towards a Stupa plant the seed for everlasting happiness and absolute freedom and enlightenment. This is because the law of cause and effect and the power of the holy objects.

18 Benefits of Building Stupas
Volunteers, patrons who donate funds, and organizers will accumulate merit and reap benefits in future lives from their contribution.

1) One will be reborn in a royal family.
2) One will get a beautiful body.
3) One’s speech will be entrancing.
4) One’s mere sight will be a great joy for the others.
5) One will have a charming and attractive personality.
6) One will be knowledgable in the five Bodhisattva sciences.
7) One will become a support (an example for all).
8) One will be praised from all directions.
9) One will be inclined to sounds and words of Dharma.
10) One will live only with happiness.
11) One will be venerated both by men and gods.
12) One will obtain great riches.
13) One will be granted a long life.
14) All one’s wishes will be fulfilled.
15) One’s beneficial activity and wisdom will grow.
16) One’s body will become as indestructible as the Dorje.
17) One will be reborn In the higher realms of existence.
18) One will reach quickly perfect Awakening.