Nov 28 2021


10:00 pm – 11:30 pm

This year we have completed the Stupa of Unity to help create the conditions for the global universal Sangha and all Dharma communities to have peace and harmony. While this stupa is a good step this is not enough.

We must take action ourselves to achieve the unity.

All communities around the world face challenges finding appreciation, respect, love and harmony in between the people within them. Everywhere in the world people become annoyed with each other and find faults and limtiations. Dharma communities are no different but the effect of having these challenges is not the same. Rinpoche will help guide us to find ways to work through our obstacles with each other.

There is power in unity. This empowers us to work swiftly and harmoniously together all over the world to bring about the Golden Age of Peace and Harmony.

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