Jul 25 2021


7:30 pm – 7:30 pm


Online Only


Khentrul Rinpoche has kindly agreed to discuss how to prepare for the 4 Higher Empowerments for the benefits of lay practitioners world wide. The 4 Higher Empowerments of Kalachakra are considered the gateway to the completion stage. They are traditionally given before the students learn the 1st yoga. In older times, the masters in the Jonang lineage would only bestow this empowerment privately upon the students who were ready for it. Currently this empowerment is often given before the 3 Isolations retreat which the monks would do on their 3 year retreat before starting the 6 yogas.

Often times students who attend many empowerment ceremonies, collect the empowerments and don’t have clarity on what you are supposed to do at each step. Rinpoche will explain what his expectations are for students after they have received the Kalachakra Initiation to prepare themselves for the Higher Empowerment. He will give a flexible approach to understanding prepeartion. This is a good time to ask all your questions about this process. This is the first time ever Rinpoche has agreed to do a session on this and has agreed to do it publicly so as to benefit as many aspiring practitioners as possible.

The Higher Empowerment is by bestowed by Khentrul Rinpoche by application only. Because of the pandemic, Rinpoche has not been able to travel to give this for the past 2 years. We have an application form open for students to request the empowerment. If enough qualified students are ready for this, Rinpoche may consider giving this later in the year in a private online zoom.


English with Languages to be determined.

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