Sep 04 2021


8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Are you ready to take the red pill?

“Remember…All I’m Offering Is The Truth. Nothing More.I Can Only Show You The Door. You’re The One That Has To Walk Through It.”

Khentrul Rinpoche will explore the idea of What’s Real in a new course starting on September 11. In advance of this we will take a few hours to explore our own perception.Why do we firmly believe in what we perceive? Why do we think we all experience the same reality or even close realities? Rinpoche helps us explore the idea of perception. How do you know what to believe in and what to rely on? Is there any benefit in looking beyond the surface to understand what we see is not the whole picture?

Translations available on Zoom
Webinar ID: 881 4451 2405
Passcode: 108108