Oct 30 2021

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Melbourne, Australia

7:30 PM Septemer 18
7:30 PM October 2
7:30 PM October 9
7:30 PM October 16
7:30 PM October 23
7:30 PM October 30


What is real? What does really matter in life? How can we deal with the many ups and downs that we face? 

In this 6-week-course, Rinpoche will encourage us to look deeper into the very nature of our experience for developing insight into what is truly meaningful in life.

Although the sheer extensiveness and profundity of the Buddhist teachings may easily overwhelm a newcomer, Rinpoche teaches it in a way that is suitable for everyone. With his simplicity and directness, he invites us to focus upon the essence of the teachings and, from that, to step by step expand our understanding further.


Can we live our lives without any problem whatsoever? The answer is no. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Is there then any solution for this limitation? Yes, and the solution is very surprising: it has to do with the fact that actually there is nothing ‘real’. All of what we think is ‘reality’ is not reality at all.

There is no ‘real reality’, neither for me nor for you. And yes, we all have a lot of fixations and neurosis which we think are real. Worse than that, we wrongly think we are actually very sophisticated. 

There is no real reality, but we create many temporary realities. In order to get more clarity regarding those, we call them ‘relative reality’. Until we do not break our fixations and bring clarity to our minds, we are not free from anything at all. In this course we will learn how to free ourselves. It is indeed a gradual process, we need to remove our veils of obscurations layer by layer.


If you are new to Buddhism or skeptical about it or towards any spiritual path, this is the perfect opportunity for you to bring your questions and arguments to Rinpoche and get to know the basics of this ancient tradition. Discover why it is so relevant for our modern times. 

This course is not necessarily only for those who are new to Buddhism. It is true that often practitioners tend to grasp too much into the so-called ‘higher’ teachings. But, if a teaching or practice will be really ‘high’ or not relies strongly on the mind of the one who is practising. Do not miss this opportunity to learn directly from Rinpoche and refresh your previous understanding of the fundamentals through the lens of the Vajrayana.


1 – Schrödinger’s Cat

Deceptive Appearances: why and how do things appear? 

2 – The Mind Makes the Difference

Attitudes, perspectives and emotions: how to make them useful?

3 – Interconnected Realities 

Understanding the connection between all of our life experiences: how to manage them well? What does interdependent relationship mean? 

4 – The Power of Clarity and Decision

With clarity in what to rely on, we can learn to take every situation as an opportunity 

5 – Body & Mind Relationship

Looking in detail at the body and mind relationship: how to make our own minds much more pure and powerful, so that even our bodies rejuvenate?

6 – Death: The Greatest Magic Trick of All Time

The so-called death is actually an unusual opportunity to break through our relative reality. How to understand that we actually never die and how to take it as an opportunity?


Unveiling Your Sacred Truth Book 1Khentrul Rinpoché explores the external reality of the world that we encounter on a daily basis. Through a wealth of practical advice, he provides us with a variety of methods for working with the many ups and downs that we face. He then encourages us to probe deeper into the very nature of our experience in order to develop insight into what is truly important to us and how to make the most of the precious opportunities that this life has to offer.

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Access to Video Materials Afterwards

The retreat access and all the prayers will be provided for you in Dzokden’s new online learning center (Khentrul Rinpoche’s International Organization). We encourage everyone to connect to the live-streamed retreat in real time but if that is not possible, you can still log in to the learning center after the retreat and access all of the retreat content. This retreat material will not be accessible online to people outside of the learning center.PROGRAM FEESWe have many costs to make Khentrul Rinpoche’s teachings available to you. The platforms we use, the center to house volunteers, their food, our servers and many more things are not free. Therefore we can not make our courses free without cost. Because we have students in all areas of the world we have adjusted for the cost of living in various countries. Thank you for understanding our decisions on how we can make this accessible to our global family. If your ability to pay makes it difficult to attend this program, we will make every effort to make attendance possible. Please email [email protected] to discuss a lower offering amount or a full scholarship. No one is turned away for lack of money.OFFERING DANA TO RINPOCHEIt’s customary for students to make an offering of Dana to the teacher. As this is an online event, you can make the offering of Dana to Rinpoche here.

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