Jan 18 – 19 2021


All Day

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All proceeds from this puja will go towards our Land of Shambhala project.

About this 21 Taras Drolmi Kazug Auspicious Fortune Puja System 
Khentrul Rinpoche spent 5 months in semi-retreat preparing this puja for the whole world. Because of our economic and health situation in the world, Rinpoche would like to do the most extensive version of this Puja that has never been done in this way before. This offering practice has both worldly and Dharmic benefits to create success in all areas of life.

Often times people want to solve their large worldly problems or obstacles in a very simple way. They try a practice or two to remedy the problem but their wishes are not fulfilled. This is because the remedy is too small and simple to actually create the correct conditions. For anything to happen there are millions of karmic conditions that have to ripen. Also for anything to ripen, the amount of our own generosity and conditions we put into the remedy affect the result.

This Jonang Drolmi Kazug puja was revealed from a mind terma of Lama Yonten Sangpo and Lama Lodro Drakpa. It is the most detailed and extensive offering puja to create causes and conditions to ripen good luck and fortune. It works with every aspect of our natal astrological chart. In it we make offerings to an incredible number of classes of beings that we normally ignore in our day to day life to affect these karma areas determined at the moment of your birth.

It purifies the participants unfixed karmas which create obstacles such as diseases, spirit or demon harm, and bad fortune so that we may experience fame, good fortune, prosperity, vitality, long-life and good health to practice the Dharma to benefit all sentient beings. Rinpoche has determined that now is the right time to do this puja for us for the first time. Together we need to create the best possible conditions to manifest the Golden Age of Peace and Harmony.

Receive Extensive Blessings
21 Tara Empowerment
7 Medicine Buddha Empowerment
Drolmi Kazug Auspicious Fortune Tower Puja
Treasure Vase Blessing
Complete Oral Transmission of the Sadhana
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Rare Opportunity to Bring Wealth and Success in Your Life:
Rinpoche is spent months preparing a special version of the Sadhana, treasure vases, custom commissioned Thangkas, longevity arrows and a 3d Fortune Palace so that we each can have the option and access to the right holy objects to be able to continue to do this practice after this empowerment and puja is finished. He would like students around the world to do this regularly to create the right worldly and ultimate conditions for Dzokden to manifest. You can reserve a package of the Holy items with your registration.

Holy Objects Being Blessed During this Puja

  1. Treasure Vases for Wealth and Prosperity
  2. Fortune Palace of the 21 Taras
  3. Tara Mutak
  4. Auspicious Fortune Pillars
  5. Drolmi Kazug Thangka
  6. Datar (Longevity and Prosperity Arrow)
  7. Drolmi Kazug Sadhana

All the offerings towards this puja will create a strong karmic link to the result. This is why not only will the offerings for this puja go to the put it on, any proceeds from this puja will be put towards Rinpoche’s Land of Shambhala project to ensure that the merit and benefits are maximized for the attendees and our whole world. Learn about Land of Shambhala Retreat Center Project

Additional Merit Opportunity

Contribute to the Fillings of the Treasure Vases
As part of the Fortune Puja offerings, we are making Treasure vases. If you would like to help generate the casues for abundance in your life, you can sponsor the jewels, semi-precious stones, crystals, precious metals, precious substances from around the world that go inside the treasure vases.
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Contribute to the Gold Fortune Palace of the 21 Taras
Khentrul Rinpoche worked with artisans to create a 3D version this Holy Object to dot the most extensive form of the offering puja ever done. The Fortune Palace contains 21 Taras all sitting on the second floor according to the text and thangka, with Buddha Amitabha on the top level. A wind horse sits atop. Rinpoche would like to make one in Gold for Australia.
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