Nov 01 2022


7:30 pm – 9:00 pm




Rimé Institute
1584 Burwood Highway, Belgrave, Victoria 3160

Online Attendance through Dzokden Learning
In-Person at the Rime Institute

Starts Tuesday September 27th at 7:30 PM Melbourne Timezone.

Session 1.  How to value life and property – In this session we learn
how to view living beings and things correctly so as to build a happy
Session 2. How to value relationships and honesty – in this session we
learn how to set some important standards for how we interact with the
Session 3. How to cultivate harmony with speech – in this sesson we
learn how to generate both sweet and calm environments with our speech.

Session 4.  Appreciating the advantages – in this session we learn how
to value  the present moment and avoid unnecessary agitation.

Session 5.  Use our heart and mind to be on the right track – in this
session we learn how to make powerful use of our best assets to pave a
happy future.

Session 6.   Generating a happy future – In this session we review the
past sessions and learn how implement them in our lives.

Online Course Access
All In-person and online attendees will get access to the online courses are available in Dzokden’s global learning center. You will be invited to and receive a class access to the zoom meeting information and the class.