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Land of Shambhala
837 Taggerty-Thornton Road, Thornton, Victoria

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May 15 - 16 2021


All Day

Online & In-Person: Yellow Dzambhala Empowerment / 21 Taras Wealth Vase Blessing & Land of Shambhala Consecration

All the donations above the sponsorship costs of this event will be put towards the Land of Shambhala project to generate as much merit as possible for everyone. We are doing this event during the auspicious month of Saka Dawa time so that the merit is multiplied by 100,000 times. If you would like to come in person see details below of accomodations.

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Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and America, and Canada

  • Extensive Blessings to Consecrate Land of Shambhala 
  • Yellow Dzambhala Empowerment
  • Drolmi Kazug Auspicious Fortune Tower Puja and 21 Taras Treasure Vase Blessing
  • Complete Oral Transmission of the Sadhana if you are present for all of the Puja sessions
  • Re-bless Your Drolmi Kazug Vase. Your Treasure Vase should be blessed at least once a year.
  • Land of Shambhala Consecration ceremony

About Yellow Dzambhala
This is an incredible opportunity to create a karmic connection with Jambhala – the “Prosperity God”. There is no contradiction between practicing Dharma and developing wealth and prosperity. Everyone needs prosperity. Through our practice of generosity and this practice, we can create the conditions for spiritual and material wealth and abundance in our lives.

About the Land of Shambhala Consecration
When we consecrate the land, we ask permission from all classes of beings and spirits to use the Land. For beings that may not be friendly to the project we use wrathful methods to clear them away. Then all the Buddha, Bodhisattvas, Deities are invited to the Land to make it Holy. This is an important part step before building a Temple, Stupa, Statues or Prayer wheels on the land.  

About this 21 Taras Drolmi Kazug Fortune Tower Puja 
To bless the Land of Shambhala, we have spent months building 2-3 meter tall Drolmi Kazug Fortune Pillars on the Land of Shambhala in a spot in which we will build a 4 meter by 4 meter Fortune Palace in the Food Forest. Khentrul Rinpoche spent so many months preparing to do this last year that we have the supplies in order to do this again.  Because of our continued economic and health situation in the world, Rinpoche would like to do this offering practice. It has both worldly and dharmic benefits to create success in all areas of life. This is to get rid of all the bad luck and replace it with all the possibilities for fortune and success.

Often times people want to solve their large worldly problems or obstacles in a very simple way. They try a practice or two to remedy the problem but their wishes are not fulfilled. This is because the remedy is too small and simple to actually create the correct conditions. For anything to happen there are millions of karmic conditions that have to ripen. Also for anything to ripen, the amount of our own generosity and conditions we put into the remedy affect the result.

This Jonang Drolmi Kazug puja was revealed from a mind terma of Lama Yonten Sangpo and Lama Lodro Drakpa. It is the most detailed and extensive offering puja to create causes and conditions to ripen good luck and fortune. It works with every aspect of our natal astrological chart. In it we make offerings to an incredible number of classes of beings that we normally ignore in our day to day life to affect these karma areas determined at the moment of your birth.

It purifies the participants unfixed karmas which create obstacles such as diseases, spirit or demon harm, and bad fortune so that we may experience fame, good fortune, prosperity, vitality, long-life and good health to practice the dharma to benefit all sentient beings. This works on everything on the unseen level. Rinpoche deity has indicated to him that now is the right time to do this puja for us for the first time. Together we need to create the best possible conditions to manifest the Golden Age of Peace and Harmony.


  1. 108 Treasure Vases for Wealth and Prosperity. If you have purchased on in the last ceremony you can set yours up to have it re-blessed remotely.
  2. Extensive 26 Syllable Tara Mutak
  3. 2- 3 meter tall Auspicious Fortune Pillars as the base of the future large Fortune Palace.
  4. Bless the Land of Shambhala Property for our Dzokden Retreat Center and Malaya Grove Farm


Saturday, May 15th

To receive the complete Oral Transmission, you must be present for every session of the Drolmi Kazug Puja, Oral Transmission & Treasure Vase Blessing

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM AEST – Drolmi Kazug Puja Part 1 (optional)
11:30 AM – 1:30PM AEST – Drolmi Kazug Puja Part 2 (optional)
2:30 PM – 4:30 PM AEST – Drolmi Kazug Puja Part 3 (optional)
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM AEST – Drolmi Kazug Puja Part 4 (optional)

Sunday, May 16th
10:00 AM – 12:00 AM AEST – Land of Shambhala Blessing, Treasure Vase Burial at the 3 meter tall Fortune Pillars and Explanation of Rinpoche’s Aspiration for Land of Shambhala (Optional)
1:30 PM – 3:00 PM AEST- Yellow Dzambhala Empowerment (Jenang) (Required)

The Alexandra Hotel
The Corner Hotel Alexandra
Rubicon Hotel Motel