Oct 24 2021


10:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Online Only

Zoom and Facebook Live.
Translations to be determinedBy request of many different students, Rinpoche will kindly lead a discussion and debate around the Dharma of food. Khentrul Rinpoche always encourages us to see debates from many views and angles. The age old question on what to eat is no different. He will help walk us through all the different intentions and vantage points we may have when looking at the karma of the actions around what we consume.Please bring your questions and your best points to this interactive event. Some of the questions that often come up and lead to lot of discussion and confusion – Are Buddhist all peaceful people eating vegetables? In Tibet some Monastery areas sell “naturally died” vs “killed” meat. What’s the difference and do the monks eat meat? If I buy meat at a supermarket am I contributing to killing? Am I violating a vow if I eat meat? What if I need to eat meat for my health, am I a failed Buddhist?

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