May 17 2022


7:30 pm – 9:00 pm




Rimé Institute
1584 Burwood Highway, Belgrave, Victoria 3160

Online Attendance through Dzokden Learning
In-Person at the Rime Institute

Starts Tuesday April 12th at 7:30 PM Melbourne Timezone.

Whenever we start out on any journey, it’s important to be clear on where we are going and what road we have to take to get there. In Buddhism, this is referred to as Ground, Path and Result. In this course we are looking from the ground, to understand what is involved in the spiritual journey.

Session 1.  April 12th
Overview of path process – In this session we learn about what it is like to follow the path, and get some hints on how to make it easier.

Session 2. April 19th
What objects can help us to focus when we practice? In this session we learn how to properly define our reality so as to help us along our path.

Session 3.  April 26th
Useful ideas and attitudes to help us on the path – This session will help us to design an approach that will make the path easier to follow.

Session 4. April 3rd
Developing calmer mental states for path – In this session we learn about how to develop increasing calmness and what benefits it will bring.

Session 5  April 10th
Developing beneficial habits for path – In this session we learn how to build positive habits that will help to bring success.

Session 6. April 17th
A necessary reassessment needed for success. Pt.1 – In this session we apply what we have learned from the previous classes to help us reassess our priorities.

Online Course Access
All In-person and online attendees will get access to the online courses are available in Dzokden’s global learning center. You will be invited to and receive a class access to the zoom meeting information and the class.