Why is it important to develop a Rimé philosophy?

The Rimé Institute strives to view all traditions with equal respect and to embrace the Rimé spirit, especially to help students new to Buddhism.

Traditionally, Tibetan Buddhist practitioners place a strong emphasis on the view and instructions passed on through their own lineages. This is crucial in maintaining authenticity of the teachings. Furthermore, many practitioners spend their entire lives in one monastery and devote much time and effort to a thorough training in one tradition, to the exclusion of others. As a result some practitioners are less open to the views and good qualities of other traditions.

The Rimé movement is critical to the advancement of Buddhism on a global scale as it teaches practitioners to respect all traditions, with the goal of creating a sound foundation of Dharma knowledge and practice. With this balanced view comes the ability to assist many people regardless of their beliefs. This is one of the main goals of Rimé and is recognised by many Tibetan masters as a rare and precious view of Buddhism.