May 11 2022 – Jun 15 2022


7:30 pm – 9:00 pm




Rimé Institute
1584 Burwood Highway, Belgrave, Victoria 3160

Available Online through Dzokden learning
In-Person Attendance is available at the Rime Institute

This is a participatory discussion class where everyone’s thoughts are welcome.

Open your heart to the world. With so many difference between each other, it seems like an impossible task to cultivate immeasurable love and kindness. But this love is possible because it is your true nature. In this course you will receive an introduction to the four immeasurables of loving kindness, compassion, joyfulness and equanimity and how to generate Bodhicitta.

The Four Immeasurables (tshad-med bzhi, Skt. apramana, Pali: appamanna) are:

Immeasurable love (byams-pa, Skt: maitri, Pali: metta),
Immeasurable compassion (snying-rje, Skt: karuna, Pali: karuna),
Immeasurable joy (dga’-ba, Skt: mudita, Pali: mudita),
Immeasurable equanimity (btang-snyoms, Skt: upeksha, Pali: upekkha).

The Buddha Shakyamuni taught that there are one thousand and one buddhas that will come into our world. The buddha, is known as Maitreya which in Sanskrit means “loving-kindness.” In the Mahayana Maitreya Sutra it is taught that Maitreya would realize buddhahood solely through the practice of loving-kindness. This is how powerful these immeasurable qualities are.

Online Class
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