Jul 23 2022


10:30 am – 3:30 pm


Rimé Institute
1584 Burwood Highway, Belgrave, Victoria 3160

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10.30 AM Guru Rinpoche Empowerment
2:00 PM Red Vaisravana Empowerment

This event is part of a series with Kathog Rigzin Chenpo.
Land of Shambhala
Thursday –  Consecration of the Land of Shambhala & Medicine Buddha Mandala Consecration

Tibetan Rime Buddhist Institute
Saturday – Guru Rinpoche and Red Vaisravana Empowerments 
Sunday – Samaya Tara Empowerment
Sunday – Teachings on Astrology and Medicine

Invited by King Trisong Detson, Guru Rinpoche brought the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni to Tibet.  Generally referred to as Guru Rinpoche, which means “precious master,” he dispels all negativity, freeing beings from their troubles and disturbances.When Guru Rinpoche appeared on earth, he came as a human being. In order to dissolve our attachment to dualistic conceptions and destroy fixations, he exhibited extraordinary manifestations. The Eight Emanations of Guru Rinpoche embody his most beneficial activities and demonstrate the flexibility and illusory nature of appearances.This is a chance to receive this precious empowerment of the Lotus born, from the great master H.E. Kathog Rigdzin Chenpo. Kathog Rigdzin Chenpo Padma Wangchen is the reincarnation in the Kathog Lineage associated strongly with the 2nd Kathog Rigzin Chenpo who was an emanation of one of the 25 heart sons of Padmasambhava and one of the 108 great Terton. His lineage is a unique combination of the Zhentong teachings of the Jonang and Dzogchen and Termas of the Nyingmas. This is a special opportunity to receive this transmission from a lineage holder of the Kathog, Paul, Longchen, Dudjom, Kagyud and Jonang lineages.

Connection with Drolmi Kazug
Red Vaisravana holding spear is a wealth deity associated with the spread and fame of the Dharma teachings.  For the students who are practicing Drolmi Kazug, you may notice that Red Vaisravana is one of the Deities we call upon in the practice. It is advised to get this empowerment to connect with the Deity for the Drolmi Kazug practice. Our motivation for fame and fortune, is not for personal gain but to help create the Golden Age by spreading the teachings of the Dzokden Dharma throughout the world.

1) Register for each attendee that will be receiving the empowerment. You will be added to the course on
2) You must receive the empowerment online in real-time. We do not record empowerment. Before the empowerment, you will receive information on some simple supplies you should get to help make the experience as authentic as possible. If you are not able to get them all don’t worry.
3) You will receive access to the zoom for each of the sessions the week of the empowerment.
4) This empowerment does not have a booklet. It may or may not have a sadhana given.

The Dharma is not for sale but we do have a cost to put on global events. We have created 3 offering levels to help make this affordable to a range of attendees as we must raise funds to cover the cost. If your ability to pay makes it difficult to attend this program, we will make every effort to make attendance possible. Please email [email protected] to discuss a partial or full scholarship.

If you would like to contribute to light the Medicine Buddha Mandala at Land of Shambhala that being blessed at the Rime Institute, during this event, you can do so here.