A Huge Effort for Rinpoche’s Birthday on the 21 Tara’s Garden Project

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We’ve had an extraordinary busy couple of weeks on the 21 Taras Garden of Abundance project with so much achieved. The sangha rallied together to focus on getting some of the core elements of the garden near completion. The sangha worked tirelessly digging a lush pond for the garden, complete with two waterfalls, river rocks and a variety of colourful plants. … Read More

Starting the 21 Tara’s Garden of Abundance Project

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We are in the process of creating a garden of abundance at TBRI in Belgrave, Melbourne named after the 21 Taras. Khentrul Rinpoche wishes to pay homage to Arya Tara by not only naming the garden in the swift protectresses honour, but by also constructing a life sized statue of the enlightened goddess of Buddhism. The opulent space will also … Read More

A New Year Message from Khentrul Rinpoche

Rime InstituteLatest News

Hello the participants of the Rime Institute. Happy New Year! I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you so, so much all of you, whoever is participating Rime Institute’s activities, classes, translations, and even donators and everybody. This is very, very meaningful. So please be aware this is incredible meaningful and beneficial for everybody. Why? Because the … Read More