Unveiling your Sacred Truth

Unveiling Your Sacred Truth is the first book of its kind to offer authentic Buddhist teachings from both Rime and Jonang lineages. Rime means inclusive and is a movement to embrace the teachings and unique practices of all schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

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Divine Ladder

This text is Preliminary and Main Practices of the Profound Kalachakra Vajrayoga practised by thousands of practitioners for centuries. By this swift path, one can reach the enlightened state of liberation in a single lifetime.

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Hidden Treasure

Direct teachings and practices required after Kalachakra initiation have been lost by most Tibetan Buddhist traditions with the exception of the Jonang tradition. Jonang is the main holder of Kalachakra Completion practice. For the first time ever, in any language, the Kalachakra path is explained in detail from the most basic teachings to pith instructions.

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Bardo Retreat

Register your interest for our upcoming Bardo Retreat.

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Chod Retreat

Register your interest for our upcoming Chod Retreat.

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Bardo Retreat: Cycle of Death and Dying @ Maitripa Centre
Jan 3 – Jan 6 all-day

Summer retreat at Maitripa Centre, Healesville http://www.evaminstitute.org/evam/centres/maitripa.html

Khentrul Rinpoche
About Khentrul Rinpoche

Khentrul Rinpoche is a Vajra Master of Kalachakra and known for his pure morality, extensive learnings and deep compassion. He has studied for 25 years and trained in the five major Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

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What is Rimé?
What is Rimé?

Rimé (pronounced Rim-eh) is a movement that appeared during the late 19th century in Tibet. It seeks to appreciate the differences between Tibetan buddhist schools and acknowledge the benefits that variety brings to practitioners with different needs.

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Teachings at Rimé

Whether you are just beginning your journey into Buddhism, or a seasoned practitioner, we offer a wide range teachings to suit.

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Yoga at Rimé

Our Hatha yoga classes combines a number of elements including yoga postures, relaxation, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. Our yoga class is perfect for beginners. 

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Our membership has been designed to enable students to actively engage with Dharma study and practice, and the Rimé community.

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