Temple Thangka Sale

All proceeds from the fundraiser go to land of Shambhala

Fundraiser for Land of Shambhala

Rinpoche has agreed to bestow some rare empowerments on us in the following couple of years so we are getting new versions of Thangkas painted for these in the future.  In light of this, we are clearing our some space in the temple and offering some of the rare and precious Thangka's to our community to purchase. They have been present in the temple through many empowerments and blessing ceremonies. They come in a preloved condition. 

The Thangka's will be consecrated by Rinpoche and the funds raised from the sale of these Thangka's will go to Land of Shambhala project. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to have one of these rare and precious Thangka's for your home or community

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The Rimé Institute purchased 40 acres of land in order to build a spiritual paradise for all types of people to experience the life changing qualities of the Kalachakra path.  Land of Shambhala will give sentient beings an opportunity to find harmony with our external environment, internal and enlightened reality. This is a space for people to authentically connect and be present in the world while living with greater vitality, love and purpose. 

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