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This print has been kept under the altar at the Tibetan Rime Buddhist Institute for years. It was present at the Kalachakra in BodhGaya to receive the blessings from being there.  It has also been present for many empowerments and blessings in our temple including the 7 Medicine Buddhas Empowerment from Khentrul Rinpoche. All the proceeds of this thangka silk print sale will go to the Land of Shambhala project.

Silk-Print approximately  47 cm by 33 cm
It comes on a paper backing which we encourage you to leave on it if you put it in a frame. If you put it inside of Brocade fabric the silk can be removed from the backing if you wish in order to steam it and remove the wrinkles.

About Amitabha
His name means “Limitless Light” and Amitabha is considered one fo the five Dhyani Buddhas (together with Akshohya, Amoghasiddhi, Rantasambhava, Vairocana) or 5 wisdoms of the Buddha. In his past life, Buddha Amitabha has been once a king who renounced his kingdom and became a Bodhisattva Dharmakara (Dharma storehouse).

He was meditating for five eons as a Bodhisattva under the Guidance of the Buddha Lokesvaraja who as the Buddha of that age. Aftther this Buddha Amitabha made many noble vows to save all sentient beings from all sufferings. Through his great merit he created a realm named Sukhavati (Ultimate Bliss) also known as the Pure Land of Amitabha. Amitabha in his other form is also known as Buddha Amitayus, as a Buddha-aspect we meditate upon for a long life.

Buddha Amitabha can bring us all enlightened qualities, but it is especially important to concentrate on him at the moment of death. To prepare ourselves for death we meditate upon Amitabha and repeat his mantra. In Tibetan Buddhism we usually visualize Amitabha in a dark red ruby colour above our head as he radiates a bright ruby-colour energy field.

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Consecrated Thangka
This Thangka print comes consecrated. If you are not sure what consecration is, Khentrul Rinpoche explains it below.