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This print has been kept under the altar at the Tibetan Rime Buddhist Institute for years. It was present at the Kalachakra in BodhGaya to receive the blessings from being there.  It has also been present for many empowerments and blessings in our temple including the 7 Medicine Buddhas Empowerment from Khentrul Rinpoche. All the proceeds of this thangka silk print sale will go to the Land of Shambhala project.

Silk-Print approximately  24 cm by 36 cm
It comes on a paper backing which we encourage you to leave on it if you put it in a frame. If you put it inside of Brocade fabric the silk can be removed from the backing if you wish in order to steam it and remove the wrinkles.

The King of Lapis Lazuli Light, the Medicine Buddha is a single deity with out any other accompanying deities.  The deity is seated in a lotus throne with decorated backdrop. Offering of fruits and plants are placed in front of the deity. 

His left hand is lying on his lap in the meditation mudra holding a medicine bowl full of long life nectar. His right hand is open in the mudra of generosity and holds a medicinal plant.

Medicine Buddha is also known as the Healing Buddha. The Medicine Buddha is associated with the Tibetan Medical tantras and has the ability to heal physical and mental afflictions. But the Medicine Buddha is much more than a healer for worldly temporary afflictions. The Medicine Buddha offers the true medicine, which is the sacred Dharma. The Medicine Buddha provides assistance to the sick while guiding them to liberation from the ultimate illness which is ignorance.

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Consecrated Thangka
This Thangka comes consecrated. If you are not sure what consecration is, Khentrul Rinpoche explains it below.