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an abundant world for AryA Tara's Garden

Offer Flowers and Plants to Arya Tara

Khentrul Rinpoche says the Divine female nature is nurturing and abundant like a fertile land. We would like to offer the new Arya Tara statue an abundant garden.  The key to creating abundance in our lives is through our generosity. So together from our heart, let us offer the new Arya Tara white marble statue a land of beauty to inspire as many beings as possible towards the Dharma. In a fertile land a small seed grows huge. If we purposely plant, they grow a lot. Whoever has generosity has everything because generosity is the starting point of the 6 perfections.  

From the sutra Distinguishing the Aspects of Karma (Lanam Je): There are ten benefits of offering flowers [to objects such as the buddhas, statues, stupas, scriptures, etc.]:

1. One becomes like a flower in the world. (You will be very beautiful; everyone will be attracted and amazed to look at you and will remember seeing you.)

2. The sense of smell will never degenerate. (Some people have sicknesses in the nose so that the sense of smell doesn’t function.)

3. One will never have bad body odor. (This will be completely purified.)

4. A smell of scented nectar will come from the body.

5. The smell of the morality of the person will spread in all directions and corners.

6. One will be a leader of the world. (One will be a leader of people, of the world, of holy beings.)

7. One will achieve beautiful attractive things.

8. One will have great wealth.

9. One will be reborn in a higher rebirth.

10. One will quickly achieve enlightenment, the great liberation.

Excerpted from FPMT. Read more on their website here. 

More Ways to Support the 21 Taras Garden of Abundance

Volunteer Your Skills

Your gifts help create a public space of sacred art and natural beauty inspired by the 21 Taras.  We are transforming the exterior of our Temple into a hidden jewel of beauty to inspire the minds of people to visit us and receive the great benefits of seeing these holy objects filled with relics . Our improved outdoor space will make  gatherings possible such as sang offerings and supports a community dedicated to service. The improvements will help draw visitors to  our Authentic 24 Armed Kalachakra Statue so their minds will receive the blessings from being near it and the relics inside it.