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astrology and Medicine Art for the Walls

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In order to inspire those who visit our space towards Kalachakra Medicine, Yoga and Astrology, we would like to hang 17 depictions of sacred art. These include key images for the Medicine Buddha's Medical Tantras, Tibetan Astrology, Kalachakra astrology, and Yoga. Just seeing the images is a blessing to people including the mantras for Liberation Upon Seeing. May it inspire the visitors to the teahouse and shop to see there are many paths into Kalachakra so that they may unveil their own sacred truth.

The sponsorship cost is the amount needed to print them onto wallpaper so they may go around the top of the room.

Visually Inspire and Bless

astrology and Medicine Art for the Walls

The Bodhisattva Sciences

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At Land of Shambhala we are planting the Malaya Grove farm. Food is medicine and is filled with healing properties. It is important to have vitality and health in order to work to benefit sentient beings. Your gifts will create a public space of medicine and natural beauty inspired by the Medicine Buddha and Rinpoche's root Guru Lama Lobsang Trinlé. We aspire to extend the blessings of Lama Lutrin, revive Kalachakra Medicine and create an educational space that can integrate the various healing wisdom traditions of the world.