Teachings & Empowerments

In order to preserve and promote the unique teachings of the Jonang Tradition of Kalachakra, we invite modern day lineage masters to give teachings to our community and to empower our students to engage in the Vajrayana Path.

Upcoming Teachings

Who can attend a Dharma teaching?

We work hard to make the Dharma available to everyone who has a sincere desire to create the causes for lasting and genuine happiness. For this reason, almost all of our teaching events are open to the general public. Even if participants are not familiar with the subject being discussed, it is considered extremely beneficial to make connections with the lineage masters and so all are welcome.

The only exception to this rule are for specific empowerment ceremonies that require a degree of commitment from the side of the student. In these cases, the commitments will be clearly identified so that you can decide if you are eligible to attend.

What to Expect

A traditional teaching given in accordance with Tibetan Buddhism, will usually begin with the chanting of various prayers that are designed to set motivation and to request the teachings. Following these prayers, the teacher will then present the subject matter based on a text or on the basis of his or her experience. Following the teaching, if time permits the teacher may respond to questions. Then, to conclude the teachings there are usually a number of prayers to dedicate the merit.

In the case of a tantric empowerment, the rituals involved are considerably more complicated. For the most part, the teacher will perform the rituals with the help of a few assistants while the audience members do their best to follow along and to maintain an open and receptive mind.