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Arya Tara represent the body of the Buddhas and through that the activities. Sponsorship of the prayer wheel is also a special opportunity to purify the negativities of your speech. Merely seeing its form, blesses the mind and imprints in us the capacity to have direct experience of the limitless qualities of our Buddha-nature.

This incredibly beautiful form of Tara will bring the swiftest aid to all sentient beings so that we may be able to manifest the Golden Age of peace and harmony. In the Golden Age age there is naturally a state of abundance as everything beings need naturally arises for their benefit. Each deity is a manifestation of the same enlightened qualities—love, compassion, joy, equanimity, generosity, ethical discipline, patience, enthusiasm, concentration, wisdom, and so forth—although each manifestation may emphasise a particular quality. Arya Tara symbolises the manifestation of all the enlightened Buddha’s activities. By invoking her presence into our community, we aspire to be able to like her manifest all the activities necessary for the flourishing of the Dzokden Dharma to liberate all sentient beings.

Benefits of Building Holy Objects

The consequences of contributing to the creation of holy objects is twofold: those for the self and those for others. 

Benefits for One’s Self

Success in this life and future lives depends on the accumulation of a vast amount of merit. Contributing to the creation of holy objects like a statue is an extremely skilfull method for generating this merit.

As it says in the “Root text of Manjugosha”:

“Manjushri, if you were to make many types of offerings, like jewels, food, clothing and wealth, for many aeons to a great son of a Bodhisattva, or the son and daughter of the great master of all the Bodhisattvas, or a Pratyekabuddha, or a great Arhat, it would be impossible to calculate the amount of merit that is accumulated. If you could count all of the sand particles along the Ganga River, which would be impossible since we can’t even count the particles in one handful of sand, it couldn’t compare to the amount of merit that is accumulated by making offerings to a realized being. But that merit cannot compare to the amount of merit that is accumulated when someone makes a drawing of a Buddha, or builds a small Buddha statue with a pure motivation.”

The Buddha also said in the “Sutra Requested by King Salgyal”:

However many atoms there are in the stupa
And in the statue of the Tathagata,
The person who built this will definitely achieve kings’ reign
In deva and human realms equaling that number of atoms;
Will achieve the concentration of the form and formless realm
By completing the experience of all the perfect deeds
And the ultimate state of enlightenment:
That which is devoid of suffering of rebirth, old age and so forth.  

Benefits for Others

Through the creation of holy objects, we are able to provide others with an opportunity to generate merit. In accordance with the sutra teaching “Offering the Butter Lamp”, there are eight benefits of making prostrations to an image of the Buddha:

  • One receives a good body of high caste, which people respect and obey and which includes having perfect organs and a beautiful or handsome form. 
  • One will have perfect surroundings and helpers. 
  • One will be able to live morally. 
  • One will have devotion, or faith, which is the main factor for completing the accumulation of merits. 
  • One will have a very brave mind for practicing the Dharma and working for other sentient beings, a mind brave in facing up to the delusions. 
  • One will be reborn as a deva or a human being. 
  • One will achieve the arya path. 
  • One will become enlightened. 

By contributing to this project you make it possible for countless beings to benefit.

The statue will be organized by our students in Vietnam. They have enlisted a master craftsman to carve the statue out of the highest quality white marble. You can see an example of their stone work at left.

Sponsorship covers the commision of the statue in Vietnam, shipping, and mounting in Australia. Each sponsor over $500 AUD will have their name placed on a plaque discreetly near the statue. Sponsors over $1000 will also receive their name placed in the base of the Stupa we are building in the Garden.