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Prayer wheels represent the speech of the Buddhas. Sponsorship of the prayer wheel is also a special opportunity to purify the negativities of your speech. This is a rare opportunity to sponsor one with the mantra of the Medicine Buddha inside.

These 16 beautiful prayer wheels will surround the Temple Gates. They will be placed at the 4 cardinal directions for anyone entering into the Medicine Buddha Mandala Garden so that people who pass by can turn them to benefit all sentient beings. Each person who touches one accumulates incredible amount of merit and purification. The prayer wheels are used as a meditative aid to welcome visitors into our space, so that they may accumulate good karma, calm their minds, and accumulate wisdom. The prayer wheels will be inserted in a beautiful wooden structure.

They are crafted in an antique copper look by the finest artisans. The prayer wheels are filled with the 800,000~850,000 Medicine Buddha Mantra inside.

Sponsorship (which covers the cost of prayer wheels, mantras, bearings and axle, handle, shipping, mounting and wheel house) is $1500 AUD per wheel. The shipping cost has gone up in the Pandemic.

Each sponsor will have their name placed out of view under the wheel. The sponsors will get the karmic benefit from sponsoring without the sponsorship being overt.

Each wheel metal wheel arrives copper colored. We then seal the wheel, prime and paint it according to Rinpoche’s instructions. The example wheels we had on the Rime Institute we painted with red and gold dust.