Sponsor Medical and Astrological Art for the Center Walls

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The cost of this image covers sponsorship of the printing and installation of the sacred images on wallpaper in the Rime Institute. We thank you in advance for your support.

Often times people in the west associate Tibetan Buddhism and Buddhism in general with inactivity with sitting motionless on a cushion and giving up on things in life. This is not accurately representative of the full path. We want visitors to the Rime Institute to realize that Dharma has a whole life culture that goes with it including supportive practice for health, wealth and well-being. We aspire that seeing these astrological, yogic and medicine postures help a wider group of people find something beneficial for themselves within the precious Dharma. We have specifically included images related to Kalachakra medicine and astrology in an effort to make more causes and conditions for the full revival of these teachings.

The sacred art will be surrounding the top of our shop Amrita, a spiritual apothecary, designed to inspire more beings to enlightenment. The Buddha taught 84,000 Dharmas. While the philosophical teachings often are the ones people are most aware of, there are many more. The 84 Mahasiddhas found paths to realization through all aspects of life from music to dance.

Just seeing these images of the Buddha and his teachings plants a seed that will eventually ripen into enlightenment. We have included the mantras for liberation upon seeing in the design in hopes it benefits anyone who walks into our door.


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