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We are a hidden jewel of the Jonang Kalachakra Tradition located in the Greater Melbourne Area of Victoria, Australia. We cultivate the Rimé view of tolerance, appreciation and acceptance of the worlds wisdom traditions. The wheel of time teaching goes beyond religion offering a spiritual way to realize perfect peace and harmony in ourselves and our world. Our personal and professional wellness development programs empower people to thrive and live authentically connected to nature and humanity. Our teachings are all grounded in the timeless wisdom of mindfulness, meditation, Buddhist philosophy, Kalachakra tantra and astrology.

Jonang Kalachakra Ngondro

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Monthly Sound Healings

Immerse yourself in the transformative experience of a healing sound bath    

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Sacred Books and Objects

Heal yourself physically, mentally and most importantly Spiritually
All proceeds from our shop support our Not-for-profit and Khentrul Rinpoches’ aspirations to create a Golden Age

News and Updates

Library and Prison Book Project Fundraiser 2021

Library and Prison Book Project Fundraiser 2021

The Rimé Institute developed Khentrul Rinpoche's book series Unveiling Your Sacred Truth and the commentary the Hidden Treasure of the Profound Path over many years.  As time went on, we have improved the editions. We had some early editions in our storage unit that...

Rejoice! Sangha Unifying Stupa Complete

Rejoice! Sangha Unifying Stupa Complete

With great joy we announce the completion of the Sangha Unifying Stupa at Tibetan Buddhist Rime Institute in Melbourne, Australia. Khentrul Rinpoche selected the Stupa of Reconciliation as our first stupa to create as a global community. This stupa...

Land of Shambhala Consecration Ceremony

Land of Shambhala Consecration Ceremony

Over two days, Khentrul Rinpoche commenced the important ceremony of consecrating the land at the site of our future Kalachakra Retreat Centre - Land of Shambhala. When are consecrating the land, by asking permission from all classes of beings and spirits to use the...