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Kalachakra Empowerment Tour 2017

For two weeks, His Holiness the Dalai Lama will perform preparatory rituals, give introductory teachings and bestow the Kalachakra Empowerments. During this time, we will be organising pilgrimage trips to nearby holy sites, study sessions to help you prepare for the empowerments and question and answer sessions with Khentrul Rinpoché.

Innate Kalachakra Retreat

In this retreat, you will have a rare opportunity to develop first-hand experience into the profound practices of the Kalachakra Generation Stage. For eight days, Khentrul Rinpoché and his senior students will guide you through the foundational practices of the Kalachakra Path, followed by extensive instructions for the visualisation practice of Innate Kalachakra with mantra recitation.

Kalachakra Meditation Retreat

In this five-day meditation retreat, participants will receive the completion stage empowerments and instructions for the unique dark-room practice known as the “Three Isolations”. This is an especially efficient way to develop the meditative state of single-pointed concentration (Shamatha). This retreat is reserved for serious practitioners with meditation experience.

IMPORTANT: To participate in this event, you must also participate in the Innate Kalachakra Retreat.


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