Approaching the Aspects of Kalachakra

Remove the barriers to attaining enlightenment through the radical transformation of how you perceive reality.

Knowing where you want to go doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have the skills needed to get there. For this reason, smart travellers will first identify specific pitfalls that they are likely to encounter and then familiarise themselves with ways of overcoming them. In this program, you will work with subtle forms of grasping that can prevent you from progressing further along the path. As you learn to release this grasping, you will establish a radically different way of relating with reality that opens the door to a wide variety of practices. Through these practices, you will be able to transform the full spectrum of your experience into supports for your spiritual growth, greatly increasing the effectiveness of your practice and bringing the possibility of enlightenment within your reach.

This program aims to:

  • increase your awareness of the enlightened perspective as presented within the Kalachakra system
  • cultivate a mind that is capable of abiding in that perspective as a means for relating with your personal experiences
  • provide you with a wealth of skilfull means to cut all forms of subtle grasping


KC301—Generating the Enlightened Mandala of Kalachakra
KC302—Resting in the Absolute Nature of Mind
KC303—Bringing All Experiences into the Path

Practice Retreats

RET09—Innate Kalachakra Retreat
RET10—Three Isolations Retreat
RET11—Kalachakra Phowa Retreat
RET12—Chöd Retreat

Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute – Holder of the Jonang Kalachakra Lineage