Setting Out on a Spiritual Journey

Orient your life towards lasting genuine happiness through cultivating awareness of the causes that lead to that happiness.

The first step in any journey is to recognise where you are right now and where you would ultimately like to be. To do this, you will need to take a long and hard look at your present conditions and ask yourself if you are really satisfied with your situation. If you can begin to see the possibilities for greater happiness, then you can start to think about potential changes that you could make. In this introductory program, you will explore a variety of concepts drawn from the foundational teachings of Buddhism as a way to develop greater insight into what is truly important in your life. Based on these insights, you will begin to shape your personal aspirations and identify practical strategies for how to make those aspirations manifest.

This program aims to:

  • provide you with practical methods for coping with daily problems, thereby promoting greater stability of mind
  • bring greater awareness into the aspects of your life that are causing these problems to arise, thereby indicating potential strategies that could be used to remove these causes
  • foster an unbiased approach to working with a diversity of beliefs that supports an ongoing process of spiritual development


KC101—Creating Space for Reflection
KC102—Making Life Meaningful
KC103—Choosing a Spiritual Path

Practice Retreats

RET01—Shamatha Meditation Retreat
RET02—Practicing Dharma in Every Moment
RET03—Introduction to the Kalachakra Path

Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute – Holder of the Jonang Kalachakra Lineage