Unveiling Your Sacred Truth through the Kalachakra Path

The Kalachakra Path offers a profound method for actualising your greatest potential while contributing to greater peace and harmony within this world. For the first time ever, this extraordinary path is revealed in a step-by-step manner, allowing you to gradually approach this uniquely comprehensive system in a structured and methodical way.

Through the efforts of spiritual teachers such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world are being introduced to the Kalachakra, but only a very few of those have access to authentic Kalachakra teachings. The practices they do find are often isolated and disconnected from a larger framework of practice, making them difficult to actualise.

While all of the Tibetan traditions engage in Kalachakra practices, the Jonang Tradition is the only tradition to exclusively specialise in the practice of Kalachakra as a cohesive path. They are the unique lineage holders for the extraordinary pith instructions that have been practiced for more than a thousand years by yogic practitioners in remote regions of Tibet. The wisdom of this precious lineage has traditionally only been available within Tibetan monastic communities, making it largely inaccessible to non-Tibetan, lay practitioners.

It is for this reason that Khentrul Rinpoche has designed a series of educational programs focused on guiding his students through every stage of the Kalachakra Path. Whether you are just beginning on this journey, or are already a seasoned practitioner, these programs offer a wide range of teachings to suit your needs. Rinpoche has built the curriculum to be as flexible as possible, allowing you to work through the programs at your own pace while still maintaining the authenticity of the lineage.

The path has been broken down into four distinct levels, where each level represents a specific stage in your spiritual development. Each level consists of a mixture of courses and retreats. The courses provide you with an opportunity to develop theoretical understanding; while the retreats are designed to introduce practices that you can use to integrate that knowledge into your experience.

Program Difficulty
Level One: Setting Out on a Spiritual Journey Beginner
Level Two: Creating the Conditions for Personal Transformation Intermediate
Level Three: Approaching the Aspects of Kalachakra Advanced
Level Four: Manifesting Kalachakra Enlightenment

Entering into the Kalachakra Path

Recognising that different students may start with various degrees of experience, we have created four distinct streams for how you can practice the Kalachakra Path. Each stream is defined by the characteristics of the practitioner and how much time Rinpoche recommends such a person should spend on each stage of practice. Note that the rate at which you will progress along this path will depend entirely on the effort that you are willing to invest in your daily practice.

Stream Experience Level
Experiential Stream Beginner
Philosophical Stream
Lineage Stream Intermediate
Vajra Stream Advanced


Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute – Holder of the Jonang Kalachakra Lineage