Zhentong Philosophy

Through the guidance of Khentrul Rinpoche, students delve into the rich philosophical landscape of Zhentong (Other emptiness) using selected texts. Rinpoche debates the differences in Buddhist thought as held by the major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.


Required Text: To be announced.
Pre-requisites: Any student with a keen interest in Zhentong is welcome to attend.

About the Teacher

Khentrul Rinpoche

Rinpoche has studied intensively for more than 25 years and trained in each of the five major Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

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Khentrul Rinpoche

Class Times:
THUR 7:30-9 PM

Facility Fees:
$10 Full, $7 Concession, Members free

Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute – Holder of the Jonang Kalachakra Lineage