Kalachakra Preliminaries

Practising Kalachakra is the most constructive and favourable way to unveil our own sacred truth, and is a profound method which can enable a serious practitioner to obtain the state of Perfect Buddhahood in a single lifetime.

In this class you will be introduced to the preliminary practices which form the foundation for engaging in the main practice of the Six Vajra Yogas. By developing these essential qualities it becomes possible to develop greater and deeper realisations.

Topics covered

Outer Preliminaries

  • Karma and Rebirth
  • The Suffering Nature of Samsara
  • The Precious Opportunity Offered by a Human Life
  • Reflecting on Death and Impermanence
  • How to Find and Follow a Dharma Teacher
  • The Foundation of the Tantrayana from the Jonang Kalachakra Tradition

Inner Preliminaries

  • Taking refuge
  • Boddhicitta
  • Vajrasattva purification
  • Mandala offering for accumulation of merit
  • Guru yoga

How to Participate

Attend the Weekly Sessions in Person

These teachings can be attended by any active member of the Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute who has been approved for Kalachakra study by Khentrul Rinpoche. If you are already a member, please fill out the online application form and we will contact you once your information has been reviewed.

Access the Teachings Online

For the first time, we will be making these teachings available online for international students who are unable to attend classes in person. Simply fill out the online application form. Once approved you will be directed to a link where you can register online via PayPal. Each week, new materials will be released for you to study.

Further Studies

Completion of these preliminary practices (ngondro) is a prerequisite for engaging with the practice of the Kalachakra Six Vajra Yogas under direct supervision of Khentrul Rinpoche.


Required Text: Unveiling Your Sacred Truth
The Divine Ladder
Hidden Treasure of the Profound Path
Pre-requisites: Completion of Buddhist Foundations or prior buddhist study.
Complete Application Form
Interview with a senior Kalachakra student**
Interview with Khentrul Rinpoche**

** If required.

About the Teacher

Khentrul Rinpoche

Rinpoche has studied intensively for more than 25 years and trained in each of the five major Tibetan Buddhist traditions.

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Online Application

All students must complete the Application Form before they will be considered for these teachings.



Khentrul Rinpoche

Class Times:
THUR 7:30-9 PM

Facility Fees:
$10 Full, $7 Concession, Members free

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