Unveiling Your Sacred Truth: Two Book Set

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The Kalachakra Path offers a profound method for actualising your greatest potential and contributing to greater peace and harmony within this world. For the first time ever, this extraordinary path is revealed in a step-by-step manner, allowing students to gradually approach this uniquely comprehensive system in a structured and methodical way.

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Book Two: The Internal Reality

In this second volume, Rinpoché explores the internal reality of our personal experience in a way that emphasises our fundamental nature of love and compassion. Drawing from a lineage of more than two-thousand years of tried and tested wisdom, he introduces us to the profound path of Kalachakra as practiced within the Jonang Tradition. On the basis of this authentic source of refuge, Rinpoché shows us how to integrate the distinctive philosophy of Zhentong Madhyamaka in order to reveal our sacred truth in accordance with the vast teachings of the Bodhisattva Maitreya. He then provides us with the practical instructions for engaging with the Kalachakra Preliminaries as a skilful means to prepare our minds for the unique practices of Kalachakra Tantra.

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Book Three: The Enlightened Reality

In this third and final volume, Rinpoché introduces the profound methods for revealing the enlightened reality of our most sacred truth. These are the unique teachings of the Kalachakra Tantra that provide everything we need to achieve enlightenment within a single lifetime. After helping us to cultivate an unwavering faith in tantra and the vajra master, Rinpoché clearly presents the theoretical and practical foundations for the uncommon preliminaries of the generation and completion stages. On the basis of these precious teachings you will be well equipped to receive instruction on the sublime yogic practices of the Kalachakra Six Vajra Yogas.

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Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute – Holder of the Jonang Kalachakra Lineage