Kalachakra Practice Set

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Practising Kalachakra is the most constructive and favourable way to unveil our own sacred truth, and is a profound method which can enable a serious practitioner to obtain the state of Perfect Buddhahood in a single lifetime. If who would like to begin this profound process, you will need to have the necessary practice materials to support your study and practice.

The Profound Path of Vajra Yoga

This compilation of prayers and practices contains everything that you need to practice the preliminaries for the Kalachakra Completion Stage. It includes two versions of sadhanas that can be used for daily recitation as well as a unique Kalachakra Phowa practice.

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Hidden Treasure

In this direct and clear commentary on Jetsun Taranatha's classic text "The Divine Ladder", Khentrul Rinpoché reveals the profound methods which have been used by Kalachakra masters for hundreds of years to achieve extraordinary realisations.

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Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute – Holder of the Jonang Kalachakra Lineage