Active Projects

The following projects are just a few of the many initiatives that TBRI is engaged with in order to promote the Buddhadharma in general and the Kalachakra Path in specific. Each project offers a variety of opportunities for members of the community to participate in bringing Rinpoche’s vision to reality.

  • New Books27 Version 21 E1418790023858

    Modern Texts by Khentrul Rinpoche

    To help make Rinpoche’s unique teachings available to a wider audience around the world, we are actively seeking translators who are willing to translate Rinpoche’s core books.

  • Translations Classical

    Classical Texts from the Jonang Tradition

    In order to assist our community in practicing the authentic Kalachakra teachings, Rinpoche has identified a number of important classical …

  • TibetTour2006 4608

    Rimé Documentary

    In this full-length documentary we will be presenting a detailed look into the Kalachakra teachings and their practice in accordance …

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