Rangtong and Shentong

A discussion comparing the differences between Rangtong and Shentong philosophy.

Teacher: Khentrul Rinpoché
Recorded: 27 February 2014



Time Description
00:00:00 Shentong masters;
00:06:00 Dharma wheel teaching levels; 1st, 2nd, 3rd .. definitive and non-definitive (interpretation). reasons .. classifications
00:10:30 ‘variety vehicle’ for people – 3rd D.W.
00:13:18 Explain of DW teaching categories and debate from S and R perspectives
00:23:11 ‘I have profound and non-conceptual teachings’ (first B saying after enlightenment), teachings not ‘time’ based; teachings ‘mixed’ in level,
00:33:03 ‘variety’ means people have ‘been trained in all vehicles’ and are ready for 3 DW structure of (shentong) 3 DW diff to 1&2 DW; non dualism .. definitive and interpretive teachings; sutra base
00:48:14 general discuss of available translations, diff (tib B) traditions emphasses
00:50:56 ‘Shentong way easier to understand’ .. ‘fullness rather than emptiness’ as ultimate view makes more sense now, develop (shentong) view, practice and consolidate ..
00:56:43 If we die now, only ‘emptiness’ concept will be of help; only realisation of (this) ultimate truth

Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute – Holder of the Jonang Kalachakra Lineage