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These teachings have been selected from the archive of Rinpoche's weekly teaching sessions in Tong Zuk Dechen Ling (Belgrave, Australia). They cover a wide range of topics for all levels of practitioners. Over time we will be adding new materials as they become available.

The TBRI Audio Archive contains more than 50+ hours of teachings by Khentrul Rinpoche on a wide variety of topics. It also includes the audio recordings of our weekly study groups to assist you in your study of the Buddha-Dharma. The following are just a few samples of the types of materials you will find.

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Foundations of Buddhism

How to Practice DharmaMar. 11, 2015
Training the Mind with MeditationFeb. 4, 2015
Introduction to the Buddha and His TeachingsFeb. 6, 2014

Kalachakra Path

Preparing the Mind for TantraInternal PreliminariesMay. 28, 2015
Receiving the Kalachakra EmpowermentIntroduction to KalachakraMay. 12, 2015
How to Practice KalachakraIntroduction to KalachakraMay. 12, 2015
Who teaches Kalachakra?Introduction to KalachakraMay. 12, 2015

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Zhentong Philosophy

Commentary on "Twenty-One Differences"Sep. 4, 2014
Commentary on the "Essence of Other Emptiness"Jul. 31, 2014
Rangtong and ShentongFeb. 27, 2014
The Doctrine of YogisFeb. 13, 2014


Shamatha Meditation 2016Jan. 17, 2016
Green Tara 2016Jan. 5, 2016

Study Groups

Creating Space for Reflection (Tuesday, 2016)MeditationJul. 7, 2016
Focusing the Mind through MeditationMeditationApr. 12, 2016
Establishing a Meaningful MotivationMeditationFeb. 5, 2016
Making Life MeaningfulLevel 1Feb. 3, 2016

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