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Visit to Tibet (2015)

Rinpoche recently travelled to Tibet, where he met with many important lineage masters in the Jonang tradition. He was later joined by some of his western students for a Kalachakra meditation retreat in the remote region of Golok.

The following are just some of the highlights from this extraordinary trip:

Visiting with Lineage Masters

Rinpoche had the chance to sit down and discuss his work with a number of teachers based in the Amdo region of Eastern Tibet.

Dzamthang Monastery

Rinpoche visited the famed Dzamthang Monastery to meet with the spiritual leader of the Jonang Tradition, His Holiness Jigme Dorje Rinpoche. While there, Rinpoche inspected the construction site of the full size Kalachakra mandala that they are building there. When complete this site will become a major pilgrimage destination for Kalachakra practitioners.

Chöthang Monastery

Rinpoche travelled to the monastery of his root teacher Lama Lobsang Trinley. He met with the Abbot, Lama Ngangtong and paid his respects at his precious guru’s stupa.


Rinpoche inspects the progress on the Kalachakra statue that we began building last year.

Amdo Ngawa

Rinpoche is joined by his western students. They spent some time in Amdo Ngawa, visiting a local Jonang monastery.

On the Road

From there they travelled via bus through the Tibetan countryside to the remote region of Golok.

Longkya Monastery

The group was incredibly fortunate to receive the rare Kalachakra completion stage empowerment from Tulku Jamyang Zhinpa, abbot of Longkya Monastery. The monastery then hosted a five day meditation retreat for the small group of practitioners.

Potential Site for a Future Retreat Centre

Rinpoche took the group to see a beautiful piece of land where he would like to build a retreat centre dedicated to the practice of the Kalachakra Vajra Yogas.

Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute – Holder of the Jonang Kalachakra Lineage