Rinpoche’s Vision

The Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute was founded with the express purpose of supporting Khentrul Rinpoche in realising his vision for greater peace and harmony in this world. As our community continues to grow and develop, more and more people are getting involved with this extraordinary effort.

To give you a sense of the scope of Rinpoche’s vision and to provide the community with a context for understanding our various activities, there are eight goals that reflect Rinpoche’s short and long term priorities:

Immediate Goals

Ultimately speaking, lasting, genuine happiness is only possible through profound personal transformation. Now more than ever, we need methods to develop our wisdom and actualise our greatest potential. It is for this reason that Rinpoche places such a heavy priority on the preservation of the Jonang Kalachakra Lineage. There are four ways in which Rinpoche proposes to do this:

Create opportunities to connect with an authentic and complete Kalachakra lineage in close collaboration with dedicated meditators in remote Tibet.
Establish international retreat centres for the study and practice of Kalachakra.
Translate and publish the unique and rare texts of Kalachakra masters.
Develop the tools and programs for a structured learning experience.

Long-Term Goals

While we each work towards achieving ultimate peace and harmony in our own minds, we must not lose sight of the fact that we exist within the context of a world filled with a great diversity of individuals. These individuals give rise to a wide variety of beliefs and practices that in turn shape how we relate and interact with each other. In this interdependent reality, it is vital to find viable strategies for promoting greater tolerance and respect. To this end, Rinpoche proposes four specific areas of activity:

Promote the development of a Rimé Philosophy through dialogue with other traditions.
Develop highly-realised role models by offering financial support to dedicated practitioners.
Actualise the great potential of female practitioners by developing specialised training programs.
Promote greater flexibility of mind and a broader understanding of reality through modern educational programs.

How can you help?

None of this is possible without your support and participation. This vision will require a vast amount of merit and generosity from multiple benefactors over the course of many years. If you would like to help then please do not hesitate to contact us.

While all support is welcome and greatly appreciated, it is particularly important that we develop a sustainable foundation for our continued growth. To this end, we have designed a unique Membership Program to facilitate the ongoing support of our members.

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