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Teachings and Retreats

As a Rimé Master, Khentrul Rinpoche is able to draw from a vast array of teachings from all of the major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. That being said, he has chosen the following topics as a basis for developing a structured Kalachakra curriculum for his international students.

Teaching Seminars
These short seminars can be delivered over the course of a single evening or broken up over a couple of days. The time can also be compacted or shortened depending on the context for the event.
Shambhala Happiness
Calming the Mind through Meditation
Developing a Rimé Approach
Understanding the Kalachakra Path
Distinguishing the Shentong View
Practice Retreats
Each of the following retreats has been especially designed to help students progress along the Kalachakra Path in a clear and structured sequence. While the sequence is important, organisers can extend these programs by combining them to create larger retreats.


Outer Preliminaries
Inner Preliminaries I: Refuge and Prostrations
Inner Preliminaries II: Bodhichitta
Inner Preliminaries III: Vajrasattva Purification
Inner Preliminaries IV: Mandala Offering
Inner Preliminaries V: Guru Yoga
Unique Preliminaries I: Innate Kalachakra
Unique Preliminaries II: Three Isolations

Supplementary Retreats

The Six Bardos: The Cycle of Death and Dying
Chod: Cutting the Demon of Ignorance

Tibetan Buddhist Rimé Institute – Holder of the Jonang Kalachakra Lineage