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At any given time, the Rimé Institute is involved in a variety of projects that help to further Khentrul Rinpoché’s altruistic goals. In order to realise these often ambitious endeavours, we rely on the support of benefactors who share Rinpoche’s vision.

Current projects that need your support

The lifeblood of any tradition is maintained within the teachings of its lineage masters. In the case of the Jonang, those teachings are largely unknown in the world due to the fact that the Jonang masters have remained in the remote regions of Tibet until only recently. As these teachings slowly begin to emerge, our focus must be on translating these materials so that they can flourish within a larger global context.

To this end, we will need to work with skilled translators who are able to not only understand the often technical and subtle language of these texts, but also be able to communicate their meaning to a new generation of practitioners. These translators will rely on generous benefactors who are willing to support them so they can dedicate themselves to their work without distractions.

As part of this effort, we would like to create a translation fund of $100,000 that can be used to award annual grants to translators who would like to work full-time on translating important texts from the Jonang Tradition. Scholarships would also be awarded to help aspiring translators receive the necessary training to ensure that their translations are of the highest quality.



The Rimé Institute recognises that spiritual realisations come from the combination of study and practice. While we currently are able to offer numerous opportunities for our members to study, we lack appropriate facilities for engaging in long-term intensive practice.

For this reason, over the course of the last few years, we have been searching for land that can potentially be used to build a retreat centre specialising in supporting the profound practices of Kalachakra. While we have found a number of viable properties, due to lacking the necessary capital, we have been unable to acquire them. We are therefore asking our members to make pledges towards a future purchase so that we can get an accurate measure of our buying capacity. We estimate that $400,000 would be sufficient to allow us to make a deposit on a piece of land which we could then work to develop over the coming years.



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If you would like to pledge your support towards one of our projects, please fill in the following form. Once a fundraising goal is reached, we will contact you with payment options for fulfilling your pledge.