Weekly Classes

Our weekly meditation and philosophy classes provide you with regular opportunities to learn new skills and explore the profound meaning of the teachings. Each class is guided by a senior student of Khentrul Rinpoché and is designed to provide you with a structured and accessible learning experience.

Choose a subject that interests you…

  • Meditation

    Learn practical techniques for cultivating the qualities of your mind.

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  • Buddhist Philosophy

    Explore the extensive and profound teachings of the Buddha.

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  • Kalachakra

    Train in the Profound Path for realising ultimate peace and harmony.

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  • Online Learning

    Access a selection of self-guided material from anywhere in the world.

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Or find a class near you.

In addition to the weekly activities held in our Belgrave Temple, we also organise a number of meditation groups located throughout the city:

Rimé Institute
1584 Burwood Highway, Belgrave

Fitzroy Meditation Group
128 Holden Street, North Fitzroy, Melbourne